Craziness continues with ralph lauren outlet a dancing robot and merchant marines The technology demonstration ralph lauren polo shirts meets k pop music culture and dance video was posted by the robotics mechanisms laboratory(Romela)At virginia tech who write about it: The charli series humanoid robot is developed as a research platform to study bipedal walking and autonomous behaviors for humanoid robots.It is designed to be ultra light weight(Under 15 kgs)For safety and low cost.As the next generation of the charli series humanoid robots, charli 2 improves stability and speed in walking, intelligence and autonomy, and soccer playing skills.Charli l2 is also designed to participate in the autonomous robot soccer competition, robocup, in the adult christian louboutin shoes size league. Charli 2 implements an impressive active stabilization strategy based on sensory feedback(Filtered imu angles, gyro rate readings and proprioception information based on joint encoders. )Stabilizing torques at the ankle joints are applied based on this information, and successful ly rejects external disturbances.Louis vuitton cup)At robocup 2011, and won first place cheap louis vuitton in adultsize league for autonomous soccer at both robocup 2011 and robocup 2012 among many awards. And we’ve seen the navy do it.We’ve seen the army do it.We’ve seen the air force do it.And now we have for you the latest entry into this cold war style dance off to the k pop sensation that ralph lauren polo soldes is a war we can all definitely get behind:Watch the merchant marine academy perform their own amazing tribute to psy in the video below from youtube user andrew bates.

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