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Over the years in our industry, the concern for product reliability is growing immensely. The reason is very clear :

  • End customer considers reliability as the base for his purchase decision.
  • Markets are getting very competitive.
  • Overall commitment to humanity as these products carry life.
  • Some parts are not safety related but the end customer values the cost of replacing these parts in case of failure.
  • Higher reliability means more market share.
As illustrated above, the reasons are manifold and in such a scenario, proper testing and validation of the parts becomes imperative. More so this does not happen in the end of the production process, rather these forms a part of each and every process. Considering these aspects, our company has carefully studied the end customer requirements relating to safety, convenience, comfort and delight and then arrived at various ways of testing and validating our products at every stage of the production process. Starting from validating steel/forgings to metallurgical parameters post heat treatment and conducting fatigue tests on the end products.
RR Gears uses the following infrastructure relating to this important aspect of manufacturing:
  • 22 channel Spectrometer for steel composition testing.
  • Carl Zeiss Microscope for critical metallurgical analysis of steel/forgings.
  • Jominy checking for various grades of steel.
  • Rockwell and Vickers hardness tester for post heat treatment metallurgical analysis.
  • Ultrasonic Machines to identify any cracks, non-conformity in parts.
  • Lead & Profile tester for evaluation of critical gear parameters.
  • Co-ordinate measuring machine for precise dimensions.
  • Contours Measuring Contracer.
  • Profile Projector.
  • Various in process go, no-go gauges for online validation