Minnesota homespun costumes for super bowl Beer and trucks, cheese and steel,”Cowboys and aliens”:Images that make super bowl sunday louis vuitton uk the least fashionable day of the year.Except for an awkward appearance by joan rivers for go daddy and e trade’s heartwarming take on bespoke for babies, few ads addressed fashion minded viewers directly. The bridgestone halftime show also provided shock and awful fodder for fashion conscious viewers living and shopping in this millennium.The black eyed peas donned oversized mirrored eyewear, leather like bodysuits and rhinestone encrusted microphones befitting michael jackson impersonators.Fergie’s futuristic in the 80s shoulder ralph lauren outlet uk pad bling seemed appropriate for their performance of franke and the knockouts in 1981 hit”(I’ve had)The time of my life. ” But unlike the black eyed peas, the 390 back up dancers wore costumes that(Literally)Shined.The glowing unitards were designed and ralph lauren outlet manufactured by just for kix, a small dance company that doubles as a costume manufacturer in baxter, minnesota, a town of 6, 000 two hours north of minneapolis. According to jennifer stockinger of the brainerd dispatch, the silver unitards were made from durable tricot foil and lined with velcro to hold the twinkling lights.They were shipped from the minnesota company to dallas in late january. But why this company?Kristen patterson terry, one of the show’s freelance choreographers who used to work at the minnesota dance studio, tapped just for kix to produce the costumes for the back up dancers.Cindy klough, ceo just for kix, who started the company out of her house 25 years ralph lauren pas cher femme ago, said,”Doing these costumes is the biggest thing we’ve ever done. ” Clough added,”It was very exciting to design for the super bowl.Our company has a mail order catalogue, and we’ve designed costumes for the outback bowl in tampa, but this was obviously on a much larger scale. ” There were 900 dancers on the field, and of those dancers, about a third wore the light up unitards designed by klough’s company.The remainder wore white jumpsuits that did not twinkle. And in case you weren’t preoccupied by lyrical flubs and technical gaffes, christina aguilera wore a stretch wool dolce gabbana suit from the designer’s spring 2011 collection, paired cheap christian louboutin with red christian louboutin heels.

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