Says he has become wary of making political or religious remarks When one of the most quotable men in bollywood goes silent on twitter, it still makes headlines. Superstar shah rukh khan, known to tweet a couple of times each day, has been missing from the micro blogging scene for a month and has happily”Withdrawn”For the moment. “Everything i express has an access to several millions, out of which a few misinterpret my thoughts and portray their own thinking,”Khan said as mail today caught up with him for a chat. He added,”Anything related to politics, religion or social changes is somehow misunderstood or altered.And dealing with statements that are not your own can be a pain, or dealing with inappropriate questions when you get out of the airport, your car, your set or a function is not right. ” The actor, who was in the capital on thursday to launch tag heuer’s latest collection, link lady, commemorated indian women pioneers such as saina nehwal, pia singh, sara pilot and ritu beri. Dressed in his signature crisp black suit, which he paired with a tag heuer grand carrera christian louboutin sale watch and christian louboutin fringed shoes, shah rukh proved yet again why he is beyond fashion blunders. From his casual tees and leather jackets to his tailored suits, his style scorecard has been terrific. “I have never followed fashion.I like easy, casual and relaxed clothes that make me feel comfortable.I’d say my personal style is unkempt and i love my sneakers, colognes and my d vests,”The 47 year old said. On the film front, his upcoming release chennai express has been hogging quite a lot of attention.The film will see him join forces with deepika padukone nearly six years after they co starred in her debut film, om shanti om. And khan is all praise for his co star. “Deepika has a striking face and probably is one of the few who can carry off flamboyant outfits with so much ease,”He gushed. For someone whose daily life is dedicated to entertainment and films, he manages to take out time for his ipl team kolkata knight readers, which recently admitted two new players sachitra senanyake and ryan mclaren for the league’s sixth edition. “These players are fab in their game.However, i deal with the entertainment aspect of it and find ways to bring in money.Gautam gambhir takes care of the technical bit and decides what’s favourable for the teams,”Srk said. While many of his contemporaries are trying to reinvent themselves with their films and style, this bollywood superstar is comfortable in his own skin.After all, he isn’t known as the king khan for nothing.

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