Put on your dancing shoes I also love the scalloped detail on the instep;Very arabian nights!And even better:The http://www.yali.com.au/ smoking slippers provide an excellent alternative to heels.These would look great with a smartly tailored suit(Come see a perfect little black suit this at fashion friday this week! ), a cigarette pant and blouse or even tailored denim and a luxe sweater or silk blouse.These are $38 plus shipping, and are in”Excellent vintage [condition] with the gentlest of wear and no flaws. ” The second pair(From birmingham seller christian louboutin’s ‘unbout’), and these would perfectly Complement a floor length gown.I love that they have a super cute, silver sequined bow accent at the toe for a touch of sparkle.These $42 christian louboutin wedding shoes mules have a 3 1/2 inch heel and are open toed meaning please skip the hosiery, and show off your pedicure instead! A word of caution:Vintage shoe sizing is usually smaller than the modern foot.So before you purchase, please be sure to compare your shoe size against the shoe’s measurements to ensure a perfect fit.It would be a shame to purchase something fabulous that you can’t get wear!

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