Retro christian louboutin sale vintage to classic styles Below are a large selection of wedding shoes that cover a variety of styles and price ranges.Many of these can be purchased over the internet from retail or wholesale stores or direct from the artist who created them. Wedding shoesmy first pick, which are amazing, will also probably require a second mortgage on your house.The christian louboutin shoes.I showed these to my fiance, who told me”Isn’t it great how you get to love those shoes and even if you don’t buy them, you’ll still get to love them? “.Well, i never bought them, and i still do love them. Mrandmrsandy are the makers of gorgeous and more affordable vintage inspired shoes.The ones pictured look like their from the 20′s 40′s.I love the extra strap support that goes over the foot.It adds some stability for brides that are already juggling long dresses, veils and heavy flowers.An easy pair of shoes to wear and they look amazing. Diane hassall wedding shoes require a similar description as the ones above.I love her designs and these shoes are simply classic.They can be work long after the wedding dress is stored in a box.They’ll make any bride look timeless and elegant.They’re handmade and you can contact the designers via their website.This is a great option for brides with feet that need special sizing(Too wide, or too narrow).The little added details will look great in the”Shoe shot”That your photographer will probably want to take especially when they see these stunners!The designer of lily blue studied and worked under jimmy choo.So, you know you’ll be in for a treat! James ciccotti creates fantastic and simplistic wedding shoes.The strappy ones shown would be great for an outdoor event. Maiya creates a retro shoe that will go with anything from pedal pushers(Imagine the vintage tweed kind)To a sublime wedding gown.They look so comfy.And, with the added plumage(Which doesn’t come with the shoe its an added accessory), you can dress up to dance the night away. Mrm creates a smart wedding shoe.Flats for the easy going bride that wants to save her back and won’t have to worry about rubbing sore feet throughout the night.A wise choice. Shoe celebration make an array of retro inspired wedding shoes in ivory and white.Many of them are already adorned with jewels, pearls and rhinestones to give a little bit of shine and pizazz to your toes. Jessica simpson makes some really unusual shoes.I tried on a pair of her shoes(Very affordable)And they fit nicely.The construction was good.The heels were out of my league.Keep the pain level in mind.If you’re lucky enough to be in great high heel wearing shape go for it!They’re ultra sexy! Shoe clips can be purchased all over the internet.Many can be found at the companies mentioned above or by solo designers on etsy.If you already have a pair of shoes you love and just want to spruce them up, i recommend a shoe clip in either metal with beads, or feathers to be a bit more flamboyant.A pre wedding pedicure is also very relaxing and is a great way to calm down if you’re freaking out over last minute arrangements.Turn off your phone, don’t tell anyone where you’re going(Aside from your mom and maid of honor)And slink away to an oasis of calm.Buy your shoes before your last dress fitting.Your tailor will need to know the final length of your dress before hemming or creating last minute alterations. 2.You can accessorize off of your shoes matching hair accessories, flowers, flower girl dress, even table cloths.Think about how your shoes will match everything. 3. 4.If your shoes are slippery on the bottom, lightly sand them with sandpaper or, put paper tape in an”X”On the bottom of the shoes so you don’t slip. 5.Fabric shoes can be stretched and with hot water sprayed from a misting bottle can go back a bit in size.Pleather(Fake leather)Shoes can be stretched, but can never go back. 6.Choose a realistic shoe height. 7.Platform heels are small miracles sent from heaven.They add lots of height, but the platform will save your back!The downfall is, they look a bit chunky for a wedding gown. 8.Wear shoes you love.At the last minute, i found pleated ivory silk shoes with a green jewel in the center they were perfect!Sometimes what you have in your mind may not be as perfect as what you find in a store when you least expect it! 9.Be nice to your bridesmaids.If you can’t find a shoe that suits all, ask them to find one in a color of your choice.This will help them have more options so they can succeed.I asked my bridesmaids to find metallic strappy heels and specified no bright metallics, and they all succeeded and looked great.A couple of them already owned shoes like that so it saved them money as well. 10.If you have lots of money for your shoe budget, i recommend finding a designer and working with them to create the spot on perfect shoe for your wedding gown.Contact them via e mail and have photos of your gown or draw out an idea for them.

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