Articles about los angeles County has broken its own record for annual visitors three years in a row thanks to a rebounding economy, sunny california weather and popular tourist attractions. “We have an awful lot of things that are in our favor,”Said robert kleinhenz, chief economist at the los angeles county economic development corp. Matthew marks expanding los angeles gallery October 24, 2012 by cheap michael kors david ng Still a relatively new presence in the los angeles art scene, matthew marks gallery is already expanding the footprint of its west hollywood space.The gallery said it is opening a new building and a space for visitor parking just a few steps away from the one it opened in january.The gallery’s newest building, located at 7818 santa monica blvd., is just around the corner from the one at 1062 N.Orange grove ave. (The buildings aren’t physically connected. )It said the new space is expected to open nov.1 for the gallery’s exhibition devoted to Jasper Johns. California local Ex deputies charged in planted guns case April 23, 2014 by kate mather Two former los angeles county sheriff’s deputies have been charged with planting guns at a medical marijuana dispensary to arrest two men, one of whom prosecutors said was sentenced to a year in jail before the bad evidence was discovered.Julio cesar martinez, 39, and anthony manuel paez, 32, face two felony counts of conspiracy to obstruct justice and altering evidence, the los angeles county district attorney’s office announced wednesday.Martinez was charged with two additional felony counts of perjury and one count of filing a false report. Letters:Care facilities in michael kors bags uk los angeles May 10, 2012 Re”To some, caRefacility is too close to home, “May 7 it is sad that many people in los angeles think they have a right to dictate who lives near them, and it is shameful that our elected leaders listen to demands that old people, sick people and disabled people live”Someplace else. “How is this not segregation?As a disabled person, it weighs heavily on me that some insist they have a right to be screened from living in a community with me. ports usually move in an entiReyear.For container cargo. As recently as five years ago, imports outnumbered exports by moRethan3 to 1. But in January, the gap had shrunk to a little moRethan2 to 1.It was 1990, and he had been a free man for only a handful of months, but he had been a symbol for years of endurance, of the black and white apartheid battle in south africa.He was not yet a nobel peace prize co winner, not yet the president of the new post apartheid south africa.Bush.Vice president dan quayle called him”A symbol of freedom. “A joint session of congress gave him 15 standing ovations in a 33 minute speech.

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