Articles about transportation 17 candidates for Waxman’s seat compete for spotlight at 2 hour forum April 27, 2014 by jean merl On the biggest political stage of the election season in california, the 17 candidates competing to succeed rep.Henry waxman struggled to stand out sunday at a forum that was long on issues and short on time.Some common priorities emerged among those hoping to occupy the seat that waxman, a beverly hills democrat, is giving up after four decades:Traffic woes and public transportation needs, ways to improve public education and a desire to get special interest money out of politics espoused even by some with the biggest war chests. Transportation bill stalled, congress to take up proposed jobs act March 5, 2012 by lisa mascaro Congress heads into another slow motion legislative week as one of the weightiest items on the agenda, a multi year transportation bill, remains stalled on both sides of the capitol.The senate is scheduled to vote tuesday to advance the measure, but it is unclear if democrats will have enough support to overcome a possible gop led filibuster.The bill had bipartisan support in committee, but sen.It will be a powerful, uplifting tribute to the”Beautiful game”That brazilians have shaped for decades and the new status of a confident, rising global power in latin america.Locals and foreigners will marvel at shiny new stadiums and glide across the continent sized country on upgraded infrastructure.Transportation employees have ‘lost confidence’ in top manager October 16, 2013 by laura j.Nelson More than 250 los angeles city transportation employees packed the city council chambers wednesday to complain about management practices they said have left the department’s morale at”An all time low. “Since general manager jaime de la vega was hired in 2011, high ranking supervisors said, he has reshuffled senior staff, left key positions vacant and ignored the concerns of employees, adding to the department’s workload and stress levels. California local Mta and regional transportation needs December 24, 1997 Re”Only the vision thing can save the mta from itself,”Opinion, dec.14:Rick cole notes that the southern california assn.The bill, for the fiscal year that began oct.1, includes $26.7 billion for highways, a 10% increase from last year, and $5.8 billion for mass transit programs.It also provides $571 million for amtrak, including funds for a five year plan to make the national passenger railroad self sufficient. California michael kors sale local State of transportation in los angeles area May 5, 1987 Your series about traffic congestion barely addressed what may be the only solution to the problem:Free markets.It seems that many of the traffic experts quoted in the articles have concluded that we can’t build our way out of the mess.I believe that most southern californians of more than 5 years’ tenure have resigned themselves to the same conclusion.The problem, i think, is that the costs are only felt indirectly:Those wasted 628, 000 hours and 72 million gallons of gasoline are a de facto toll, but are rarely perceived that way.Secretary of transportation federico pena on thursday visited a public private consortium in burbank designed to help develop an electric vehicle industry in southern california.Pena, who is in los angeles to award more than $1 billion in federal grants to extend the city’s metro rail red line subway, called the calstart consortium a model for other public private partnerships nationwide to emulate.

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